The Future of Heating

Gas central heating systems (wet) were invented not because they were a good method to heat your house (far from it) but simply because we had a cheap resource in the North Sea.

Later in areas that could not get gas “wet systems” were then spawned using Oil, LPG but were incredibly expensive for running costs.

Today we import 50% of our country’s Gas via pipelines across Russia or freeze dried in the middle east and shipped round the Mediterranean.

January 2010 saw the gas network that delivers to our homes at full stretch and close to collapse, plus developers are finding it increasingly impossible to get gas services to new sites.

So where does that leave the future of heating ? Continue reading


How to achieve low cost heating

The Basics


Roughly 15 years ago the government passed a law to ensure the break up of the monopolies held by regional utility company’s, Electric and Gas.

This law stated that regional suppliers cannot compete in their own region but can compete in any other region, as such a “free market” was born.

Sadly to this day 50% of theUKpopulation still pay 30% too much for their electricity and gas, perhaps you would like to read that again !

To ensure you have the correct price then we suggest you visit and put in your post code etc.

Electricity, we personally have paid 8p for the last three years and renewed late in 2010 at 7p. We would suggest between 8p to 9p is the maximum you should have to pay regardless of your geographical location, and lastly revisit this on a regular basis.

One small tip NEVER phone electric suppliers for a price, the internet comparison sites are the best medium and we believe is amongst the best. Continue reading

Finally the truth about electric heating…

So why is the UK so “prejudiced” against electric heating, yet 50% of the population seems happy to pay 30% too much for their electric supply ?

Storage heaters are not made in theUK, they are only made inEurope, yet the Europeans don’t use them ! Worse still the economy 7 tariff in theUKwhich they utilise, abuses you financially !

Which of the following statements is true or false :-

  • All motor vehicles have identical fuel consumption.
  • All wet systems regardless of fuel have identical consumption.
  • All electric heating is 100% identical efficiency’s.