The Future of Heating

Gas central heating systems (wet) were invented not because they were a good method to heat your house (far from it) but simply because we had a cheap resource in the North Sea.

Later in areas that could not get gas “wet systems” were then spawned using Oil, LPG but were incredibly expensive for running costs.

Today we import 50% of our country’s Gas via pipelines across Russia or freeze dried in the middle east and shipped round the Mediterranean.

January 2010 saw the gas network that delivers to our homes at full stretch and close to collapse, plus developers are finding it increasingly impossible to get gas services to new sites.

So where does that leave the future of heating ?

Outdated Storage heaters, invented after the second world war, no modern control, poor quality heat and worse subject to a “mathematical slight of hand” called economy 7 ? Not a credible contender quite the opposite.

Bizarre pellet type fuels or ground source heat pumps to utilise the inefficient “wet systems” ?

Actually many would argue the future is with wind, wave, solar and nuclear all of which actually mean electric.

The UK population is conditioned to think gas is the best way to heat their homes, and as an alternative electric is often seen as an expensive option.

Our European cousins know better and have used electric for many years to great effect.

Electric heating products have existed for many years that will provide an identical experience to that of a gas “wet” system.

Same quality of heat, similar running cost, superior controllability with none of the intrusion or annual maintenance caused by gas.

So where can these be found?


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