How to achieve low cost heating

The Basics


Roughly 15 years ago the government passed a law to ensure the break up of the monopolies held by regional utility company’s, Electric and Gas.

This law stated that regional suppliers cannot compete in their own region but can compete in any other region, as such a “free market” was born.

Sadly to this day 50% of theUKpopulation still pay 30% too much for their electricity and gas, perhaps you would like to read that again !

To ensure you have the correct price then we suggest you visit and put in your post code etc.

Electricity, we personally have paid 8p for the last three years and renewed late in 2010 at 7p. We would suggest between 8p to 9p is the maximum you should have to pay regardless of your geographical location, and lastly revisit this on a regular basis.

One small tip NEVER phone electric suppliers for a price, the internet comparison sites are the best medium and we believe is amongst the best.



The vast majority of the UK switch their heating on in the morning when they get up, switch it off when they go out to work, only to switch back on when they come home and off again when they go to bed.

If you subscribe to heating your room then switching off and letting the room drop to cold, and again re heating at a later time, whatever the heating system Gas, Oil, Lpg, Electric — you are wasting your money !

InEuropethey understand, hence their products are designed to be able to programmed Multi time Multi temperature. A 3 or 4 degree C drop in temperature at night or when not using the rooms is far more economical than constantly switching on and off.

Imagine you heat the room using maximum energy, once the room has reached the requested temperature then the heating system will use far less almost negligible energy to keep it at the point you have programmed.

So to switch off throw that money away and let the room drop to cold, only to reinvest later in the day could easily be economic madness.

If you heat your property in the same manner as the Europeans, you also find that the whole house, walls furniture etc all start to build up an ambient temperature, this means you are no longer fighting this additional cold as you would if you constantly turned on and off.

Winter 2010 the national gas pipelines almost ran out of gas due to demand — what was the national news advocating “can we all stop switching on and off, switch it on and leave it on it is far more economical”.

Seasonal demand


I do get one or two people who ring me in the winter in a mad panic. Their first mistake is they pay the wrong price, their second is being rational or realistic ………………..

Please step back and think about it, enclosed is the running cost of my own home, what does it tell you ? And

this was a mild year we measured! It’s the same if you have gas!

• 80% of energy is used in the six winter months of the year!

• 40% is used in the two peak months!

• 10% is used in merely a few / 5 of the worst days!

So do NOT be surprised by high readings in the winter!

If a winter quarter bill is £300 this will equate to £50 standing order.

Finally YOU are in control — turn up the temperature — you spend more money!


Turn it down you spend less …………………… BUT DO PAY THE CORRECT PRICE!


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